• hamidullah

    CidaCo in Trinidad – Episode 5

    Our trip to Trinidad has been no different, the group we're working with are fabulous and I only wish I could stay weeks longer. But before I leave, I wanted to introduce the friends and followers of CidaCo to just a few of these characters, beginning with 'The Main Man' ..... Hamidullah Wahid.


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    CidaCo: Developing Cultural Sector Resilience

    Arts Council England has commissioned CidaCo to deliver its new programme Developing Cultural Sector Resilience over the next 18 months

    This Arts Council England project, Developing Cultural Sector Resilience, is an attempt to harness the energy and imagination, the intellectual and the emotional capacity of two groups of cultural organisations, in different locations with different pressures, to achieve attitudinal shift.

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  • GBDA

    Greater Birmingham Digital Academy

    CidaCo have been contracted to provide a series of workshops focusing on five major themes, that have been chosen by the organisations of Birmingham, all of which revolve around the main subject of using digital technologies to grow, expand, and improve your business

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    CidaCo & STAY – Creative Enterprise Course

    STAY have commissioned CidaCo to our fantastic Creative Entrepreneur Course for culturally diverse artists and practitioners throughout the Yorkshire region. Best of all, its FREE!

    The course will be taking place in several cities throughout the year, so to check if it will take place near you soon head to stay-uk.org/stay-creative-enterprise-course

  • Creative Capital

    CidaCo: Creative Capital

    Creative Capital was a the pilot of a capacity development programme specifically designed to develop 20 Creative Businesses across Yorkshire in order to meet the new funding and revenue challenges of the arts in the UK.

    The programme offered access to mentoring and advice on every aspect of resilience, including financial robustness, exploitation of both tangible and intangible assets, social investment and innovation.

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    Leading the Change at Harratts Motor Group

    CidaCo have recently completed a strategic business review for the Harratts Motor Group, which was designed to enable the business to meet the fast changing environment of the retail car market

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    CidaCo Shaping NHS Change

    CidaCo have completed a vitally important assignment for the National Institute for Health Research, helping the national body examine how they can deliver a stronger, better network.

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  • Wayne Bowser


    CidaCo: When personal branding & strategy deliver results

    CidaCo is supporting former HSBC Senior Finance Executive, Wayne Bowser, in the development of his new career as a Non Executive Director through one to one coaching and creation of a brand identity and a relationship development strategy.

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  • Engage Mutual Assurance

    CidaCo: Expanding the Possible at Engage Mutual Assurance

    CidaCo have just finished our collaboration with Yorkshire-based Engage Mutual, supporting them in initiating a range of business change and improvement projects which will help deliver the organisation’s ambitious next five year strategy

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We work collaboratively with you to deliver game-changing ideas. We bring a fresh approach, new thinking and creative energy. We enrich your own capacity for creativity and innovation. Your success is our success.

Anamaria Wills

Anamaria Wills, CidaCo

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Keith Evans, CidaCo

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